Thank You Anna!

We are excited that other people are trying project barbie too! Post your pictures and we will put up our favorites!

Here is Anna’s design for the first Challenge!

Thanks Anna! Keep submitting as we go along! We are going to get started on the next challenge this week!

How did we do? 1

Sidney~ Grocery Sotre Challenge

Michelle~ Model: Sidney~ Grocery Sotre Challenge

Comments from Michelle:


Sienna~ Grocery Challenge

Taylor~ Model: Sienna~ Grocery Challenge

Comments from Taylor: I used Rice Chex and Coffee filters. I orginally planned on usinf fresh spinach for this challenge but I could not make it work so resolved to change my idea completely and in the end i think it was a sucess.

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The First Challenge

According to the Wikipedia Web Encyclopedia, this is a general summary of the first challenge:

Episode 1: Let’s Start from the Beginning

Repeating the first task Season 1 of Project Runway, the designers were asked to create a look using only materials purchased from a Gristedes grocery store. The designers were given 30 minutes and $75 to shop for items, and then one day to complete the outfit. The winner received immunity for the next challenge.

Our Modifications to this Challenge: Much smaller budget. Anything goes as long as it came from a grocery store.

More on how we did tomorrow.

Welcome to Project Barbie.

Welcome all.

This is your home for everything Project Barbie related! Remember this is just for fun and we want YOU to VOTE! So lets get started!

Check out our pages for information about the designers, models and the competition!

Holla atcha boy!


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